Genetic genealogy is the use of genetic DNA tests in combination with traditional genealogical methods, to infer biological relationships between individuals.

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Sheryl’s search

*All names have been changed Search goal: Find Sheryl’s biological parents Sheryl is an adoptee who reached out for help a while ago looking for her biological parents. She had her biological mother’s name and age, and had taken a DNA test hoping to find her or any siblings she may have. Sheryl’s AncestryDNA…

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Sarah’s search

*All names have been changed Search goal: Determine the relationship between Sarah and her match Christine / Find Sarah’s paternal grandfather Sarah’s mother Natasha who I had helped over two years ago reached out to me recently as she had a match named Christine message her on Ancestry who was wondering what their close…

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Isaac’s search

*All names have been changed. Search goal: Find Isaac’s biological father. Isaac and I first connected after I found obituaries of his biological mother and his maternal grandfather for him. I offered to help him find his biological father as well. I took a look at Isaac’s matches and saw that the majority of…

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