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Lauren Robilliard

Hi there and welcome to my website! My name is Lauren and I am 24 years old. I currently live in Toronto, Canada.

I am an adoptee and my interest in genealogy began in 2018. I eventually met my biological family members later that year. A few years later at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I started learning more about genetic genealogy. This led to helping others with their DNA tests, often Canadian adoptees like myself, or others with a family mystery.

This website is to document how I have solved the searches I have completed. No identifying information will be shared unless the person I have helped wants it to be shared. I treat each person I am helping with dignity and utmost confidentiality and all names in the searches I post are pseudonyms.

I have experience helping people who are: adopted, sperm donor conceived, foundlings, children and grandchildren of adoptees, the result of an NPE (non paternity event), or are the product of incestuous relationships.

I have helped people of a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds including: French, Jewish, Acadian, Puerto Rican, and Iranian, to name a few. Most people I help are in Canada but I gladly will assist you no matter where you are located.

I believe everyone has the right to know their genetic history and find out about their ancestors if that is what they choose to do. This is why I help others.

In lieu of payment, I suggest you donate to DNA Gifting so that more Canadian adoptees can find their biological families through DNA testing. If you really feel like sending me something, my Paypal link is here. Donations will be used for: Memberships and subscriptions to sites that help with my research such as Ancestry, Newspapers, Ontario Genealogical Society, ScotlandsPeople and GenealogieQuebec. It will also go towards my education (I am currently working on my Canadian Records certificate through the International Institute for Genealogical Studies).

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