Kathleen’s search

Search goal: Find Kathleen’s biological father.

*All names have been changed

Kathleen is a fellow member of the Canadian search group I am a search angel in. Kathleen messaged me in January asking me what a search angel is, and I happily explained. She told me that one of her cousins had heard a rumor that the father who raised Kathleen was not her biological father. So Kathleen took an Ancestry test to find out whether her cousin was being truthful or not. Kathleen did not find any of her father’s family within her Ancestry matches, leading her to believe that her cousin was right. Luckily, she knew her biological mother’s side which made the search easier. She also had a feeling that her cousin was correct, so as I was helping her, she was not shocked to hear what I was discovering.

Kathleen’s matches split up into four groups nicely and so I started looking at the two paternal groups trying to find a marriage between them. Sure enough, I found the marriage.

The marriage produced 3 girls and 1 boy, so it was pretty easy to deduce that the son was Kathleen’s biological father. He was in the right age range as well, and the DNA matches supported the evidence of course, because the matches ARE the evidence!

Kathleen was pleased with my quick work and to finally have her answers. If only all cases were as fast as this one- it took only a day or two.

*Update: Kathleen ended up reaching out to her birth father who took an Ancestry test and confirmed my research. She has been embraced by her paternal side which made me very happy for her.

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