Natasha’s search

Search goal: Find Natasha’s biological father.

*All names have been changed

Natasha’s case was one that was very random and I ended up solving while looking for someone else with Natasha’s name. My biological mother had found Natasha in an Australian Facebook group relating to Ancestry DNA. Natasha ended up sharing that she was looking for her biological father, and my biological mother recommended Natasha messaging me to see if I could help.

I tend to stick with Canadian cases just because it is easier to access Canadian sources and documents, but of course I am open to helping anyone who is interested in my assistance. Besides Canadians, I have helped people in Australia, England, and the USA so far with their searches, but primarily they have been Canadian.

Anyways, Natasha’s matches split nicely and I was able to quickly create some mirror trees. The nice thing about Australians is that their trees are very well documented as they love their history and tracing back their ancestors to the First Fleet. Since she knew her maternal side, that also made it easier to identify what groups were paternal. If someone knows at least one side of their family, it can make the search for the mystery side much easier.

Eventually I found a marriage between one paternal group and the other paternal group. This marriage produced two daughters and one son, so I knew it had to be the one son, Joseph.

Amazingly, Natasha knew the son- he was a family friend; she had met him, and I was amazed to learn that he had actually helped her out with her DNA results and genealogy, but then suddenly backed off. Well, now she knew why!

Natasha was not surprised with the news as it had been on her mind and she thought Joseph was possibly her biological father. She ended up ringing him to share the news, and he did not deny it.

Natasha is glad to know the identity of her biological father.

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