Jackson’s search

Search goal: find Jackson’s biological mother.

Jackson’s search was a very quick one, it only took about an hour. He had heaps of maternal matches that had great trees, and I had a mirror tree made up in minutes. We knew his birthmother’s name from adoption records so I started to look in obituaries of her potential fathers- I had about four brothers to look through. And there she was, named in the very first one I happened to click on. When I found her on Facebook, I was surprised to see that she was even living in the same town as Jackson. All the adoptees I have helped have been rather far from their biological parents, sometimes not even in the same country.

Jackson was thankful for a quick answer and eventually was contacted by another relative in the family, and then eventually got in touch with his biological mother and two maternal half sisters.

Update 11/27/22: Jackson’s birthfather was between three brothers from a Ukrainian family, and his identity was later confirmed by Jackson’s birthmother, as well as Jackson’s birthmother’s relatives who remembered who she was seeing before Jackson was born.

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