Lisa’s search

Search goal: Find Lisa’s biological parents

*All names have been changed.

Lisa’s search was a quick one that only took a couple hours on the weekend. Lisa reached out for help looking for her biological parents. She knew her birthmom’s age, name, and where she was living. She added me as a collaborator to her matches and I got started right away.

Right off the bat, I saw she had a very close match -over 2000cm- with the same last name as Lisa’s birthmom. He had a large tree, so I checked it out, and based on his age and shared centimorgans, I knew he was an uncle of Lisa’s. I looked up one of his sibling’s obituaries and easily found Lisa’s birthmom’s name. She now had a unique last name, so she was very easy to find on Facebook. From start to finish, this part probably took under 4 minutes.

Lisa’s paternal side had some good matches too, that were decently close, and had trees or unique last names that made building a mirror tree easy work. I was able to narrow it down to three brothers. Only one is still alive, and one of them was several years younger than the birth mother, so it is likely one of the older brothers. Without closer matches, and non id, it is impossible for me to know which brother it is, but hopefully Lisa’s birth mother is able to let her know if she feels like sharing that information, or the information will arise through DNA in time. This entry will be updated if it is fully solved in the future.

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