Daisy’s search

Search goal: Find Daisy’s biological father

*All names have been changed.

Daisy is a Canadian adoptee who reached out for help finding her biological father back in the spring. This was a case that was mostly solved months ago, but I wanted to publish when it was confirmed completely and positive contact had been established.

Daisy had recently reunited with her biological mother, who wasn’t offering up any hints on who her biological father was. Luckily since Daisy knew her biological mother, it made sorting the matches easier, and I got three distinct paternal groups. Her closest paternal match was not that close at all, and so I got to work sorting and making tree branches. However, it was quite challenging and I was not able to put all the pieces together. I had the common ancestors figured out, but wasn’t sure how the groups connected.

Fellow search angel Kristina offered to assist me with this case, so she came on board as a collaborator and was able to tie together the groups, which narrowed it down to a set of three brothers.

Kristina found the social media profiles of the brothers and two of their kids, and Daisy decided to reach out to a presumed first cousin. The cousin helped Daisy get in contact with her biological father, but he was hesitant with contact. Months later, Daisy messaged me to let me know that he had come around and they had talked on the phone, which was great to hear. Thank you Kristina for your assistance with this search!

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