Royce’s search

Search goals: Find Royce’s siblings, and Royce’s father’s siblings

*All names have been changed.

Royce reached out for help with two searches in one, and I offered to help him out. My searches are usually for parents, so this was a little different, but I was amazed at how fast we got Royce his answers.

Royce knew his birthmother’s name and that she had passed away a few decades ago. With just this information, I was able to find her obituary, which stated the names of three children. They had very unique names, and I was able to find two of them on Facebook quite easily, and sent pictures of the profiles to Royce so that he could reach out when he is ready.

Next, Royce added me to his Ancestry DNA matches so that I could look at his paternal matches. He and his sister had done a great job of creating a tree and had already figured out who Royce’s father’s parents were. He even had a close match who was a full aunt. However, her name was spelt differently on in one of her parents’ obituaries than her match name on Ancestry, so I was puzzled. Fellow search angel Tessa had reached out and had found the same information on Royce’s siblings as I did, so I knew I was on the right track. I told her the names of Royce’s dad’s siblings to see if she could find anything.

Very soon after, Tessa let me know that she had found the siblings of Royce’s father, and gave him contact info. They were very happy to hear from Royce and looked forward to getting to know him.

Thank you Tessa for your assistance with Royce’s search!

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