Kyra’s search

*All names have been changed.

Search goal: Find Kyra’s biological parents

Kyra is an adoptee from Ontario who reached out for help finding her biological parents. She knew her biological mother’s name and where she had been born, but needed some help tracking her down.

Kyra had tested with AncestryDNA and luckily had some excellent matches to work with. I sorted her matches into four groups- two of English descent and two from the Maritimes. From knowing where her birthmother had been born and looking at the trees of the matches, I knew that the Maritimes groups were Kyra’s maternal side.

She had many matches over 400cM, so it was very easy to make a mirror tree up and I found Kyra’s maternal grandparents pretty easily. Kyra had also been in touch with her top match, who was a maternal half sister who had also been adopted, but not found her birthmom yet. I researched and pretty quickly was able to find the names of some of Kyra’s birthmom’s siblings- even realizing that one was a match to Kyra, but in a little unexpected way. I was unable to find Kyra’s birthmother on any social media or directory site, but did find another half sister that had been raised by Kyra’s birthmother- she also had a tree on Ancestry, but had not tested.

As for Kyra’s paternal side, her two English groups did not have nearly as many matches as her Maritimes groups, but a match in the first cousin range matched both groups, and had a great tree. I realized quickly that he was Kyra’s half nephew. His grandfather was between one of two brothers, so I am hoping he is able to confirm with Kyra who his grandfather was and then Kyra will know the identity of her biological father.

A few days after I had sent Kyra my findings, she messaged me to let me know that she was now in contact with all her half sisters, and hopes to connect with her birthmother soon!

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