Sylvia’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Find Sylvia’s biological father

Sylvia is an adoptee that was looking for her biological father. She knew her birthmother’s side, and had a maternal match on Ancestry that made sorting the match groups easy work. Her paternal matches split into two groups- the Webber group and the Swanson group.

Thanks to Sylvia having great matches, and some trees that the matches had, I was able to easily find the Webber and Swanson marriage that tied the two families together. They had three children- two sons and a daughter. As I was researching, Sylvia told me that she had heard that her birth father had twin siblings- which lined up with my findings, as one of the sons and the daughter were twins. We knew Sylvia’s biological father had to be the older son. Age and location also fit. Unfortunately he has passed away, but Sylvia is glad to now know about her paternal heritage.

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