Gail’s search

*All names have been changed.

Search goal: Find Gail’s biological father

Gail’s daughter reached out to me for help finding her mom’s biological father. Gail had found her birthmom, who had given her a name of the man who may have been her birth father, but they needed help determining if it was really him, as they had no further details.

Gail had tested on Ancestry and had a maternal half sibling match, which made sorting the matches easy. Gail didn’t have a lot of paternal matches, and none over 300cm, but the matches did split into two distinct groups. Some of the closer matches also did not have trees or did not reply to Gail or her daughter, which created additional challenges

First, I decided to trace the tree of the man the birthmother had named- we’ll call him John. John had passed away over 30 years ago, but I was able to find his obituary and his parents’ names, and built his tree back four generations.

The first thing I had noticed was that John’s mom’s maiden name was Harrison. I had taken a look at the tree of Gail’s top paternal match Cindy, and noticed that Cindy’s grandmother was also a Harrison from same town. After some quick research, I found that Cindy’s grandmother was indeed a sister of John’s mom. Cindy was also in the average second cousin range to Gail, so I started to think that John may actually really be Gail’s biological father.

I took a look at John’s paternal side and traced it up. I also noticed a match from the smaller paternal group had John’s unique last name in his tree- Martineau. Sure enough, after a bit of research, I found that John was related to this match through a common ancestral couple, and after I made that connection, I started to see how more of the matches fit in the tree.

I was very confident that John was indeed Gail’s biological mother based on many matches and the trees lining up. Though John’s only sibling has also passed, and John had no kids of his own, we were able to find his niece and nephew, and Gail’s daughter hopes that they will be interested in connecting and possibly testing to confirm John as much as possible.

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