Warren’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Find Warren’s biological parents

Warren is a Canadian adoptee whose wife reached out for help with his search. He had done an Ancestry DNA test, and had a little bit of information about his birthparents. He also knew his birth last name.

On Ancestry, his matches split into seven groups, which was remarkable, and I was able to find the last name of six of the groups. His second highest match, Tara, was in the first cousin once removed range, and matched three of the groups. So I started tracing her tree, and found that her great grandparents were the couple that connected three of the match groups. This couple had two sons and a daughter, and the two sons were in the right age range to be Warren’s biological father. Unfortunately, they had both passed away, and neither had other children, but after reading their obituaries and knowing the occupation of Warren’s birth father, we reasoned that the younger brother was most likely Warren’s biological father.

Next, I took a look at the largest match group, which were connected by a French last name Leblanc. Through two of his top Leblanc matches, I was able to make a tree for the branch, and I was able to find the lady I thought was Warren’s biological mother. Her age matched, her last name was Warren’s birth last name, and she had gone on to have several more sons and named all but one of them with the same letter that Warren’s name started with. Warren also had a very close resemblance to her children!

Warren and his wife have reached out to some of the brothers, have heard from one, and hope to learn more about his family soon.

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