Abigail’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Find Abigail’s biological mother

Abigail reached out recently for help finding her biological mother. She knew her name, had non-identifying information, and had completed an AncestryDNA test. So I took a look at everything and started to look at her matches.

Her maternal matches split into two main groups. To my surprise, each group had the same last name, but there appeared to be no overlap between the groups- the last name was decently common- think something like Stewart. It was also the last name Abigail had for her birthmom.

I looked through the matches’ trees and eventually found the couple that connected both Stewart groups. From their ages, I figured one of their children would be a grandparent of Abigail.

I clicked on the first daughter Elizabeth, and found her obituary. To my surprise, it listed the same amount of children and the amount of sons and daughters that Abigail’s info had. Elizabeth’s obituary even named Abigail’s birthmother. There were also other details that lined up with Abigail’s information.

I found a digital version of the obituary and looked through the condolences, and found people that had more specific last names, looked them up on Facebook, and found that they were friends with Abigail’s birthmother. After looking through her posts, I found that her birthdate also matched what Abigail’s info had, so I knew for sure we had found her. Abigail is glad to know more about her maternal side.

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