Isaac’s search

*All names have been changed.

Search goal: Find Isaac’s biological father.

Isaac and I first connected after I found obituaries of his biological mother and his maternal grandfather for him. I offered to help him find his biological father as well.

I took a look at Isaac’s matches and saw that the majority of his matches were actually from his paternal side. And one of his closer matches was Colette, who I had helped very recently! I could tell from the shared matches that the relation was going to be from the line I had researched for Colette. Colette and Isaac were about the same age and their DNA suggested that they might be second cousins.

Isaac also had another smaller paternal match group that was unique to him. I started by looking at Colette’s grandmother’s siblings and their spouses to see if there was a connection to the smaller match group. Sure enough it was easy to find the connection between the two match groups, and then I started looking for their children of the couple that was Isaac’s paternal grandparents.

They had only 2 daughters and 1 son, so I knew that Isaac’s biological father had to be the son. Unfortunately, all three children have passed, and none had any children of their own, but Isaac is glad to know more about his biological origins.

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