Courtney’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Find Courtney’s paternal great grandparents

Courtney’s search was a quick one! She was looking for the names of her dad’s paternal grandparents. Courtney knew where her paternal grandfather was born, and that he had four sisters, but had no other details.

I took a look at her matches and started sorting them into groups. I found her paternal grandmother’s match groups, and so I was able to see the group that was Courtney’s paternal grandfather’s side.

While doing this, I also looked at the Manitoba vital statistics site and searched Courtney’s grandfather’s last name (Dawson). I saw four possible couples with the last name that had married in the ten years before her grandfather was born.

Courtney’s top match on her paternal grandfather’s side had the Dawson name in her well filled out tree. I took a look and observed that this match’s Dawson grandparent had some siblings that had moved to Manitoba, so I took a look at them and searched for the obituary for the first brother I happened to click on. To my surprise, it listed Courtney’s grandfather and his four sisters as children! Her great-grandparents were indeed one of the four couples I had seen in the Manitoba vital statistics. Courtney was pleased with my quick find and is happy to be able to fill out her tree some more.

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