Megan’s search

Search goals: Find both of Megan’s biological parents.

*All names have been changed

Megan is an East Coast adoptee that was looking for her biological parents. She had a little bit of non identifying info for both parents as well as a name for her biological mother.

Her Ancestry DNA matches split nicely into four groups and after a bit of research, I was able to tell which groups were paternal and maternal. Her top match was a true first cousin from her paternal side that had a good family tree to work off of. There were six brothers, and the biological father was one of them. She knew his age and an occupation, so it was easy to identify who the father was. Her cousin was surprised but happy to discover Megan and shared some family history with her. Unfortunately, her biological father passed away ten years ago.

Megan’s biological mother was easy enough to find as well due to one of the top maternal matches being a cousin of her. Her match was going to get in touch with the biological mother, and that’s where we finished our search. Megan was happy to have found her answers.

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