Renee’s search

Search goal: find Renee’s biological father.

*All names have been changed

Renee requested my help looking for her biological father. She knew her biological mother so after sorting her matches it was easy to tell which matches were paternal. Renee had several paternal matches in the 200-800cm range and I was quick to narrow it down to a specific family.

Renee had been in touch with one of her top paternal matches. Based on age and location, the match suspected that it could be one of her own brothers. They had tested on other DNA sites, so Renee’s match uploaded her brother’s DNA to Gedmatch. Gedmatch is a site that takes DNA uploads from all companies that make DNA test kits. Renee uploaded her DNA there too, and it was quickly confirmed to be a parent/child match.

It is always nice when matches of the person I am helping end up helping us out. Sometimes the unexpected happens and a second secret or family mystery is revealed beyond the adoptee’s existence. DNA does not keep secrets and one must be aware of this when they take a DNA test- expect the unexpected.

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