Lindsay’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Find Lindsay’s biological father.

Lindsay is a Canadian adoptee that needed some help finding her biological father. She had connected with her maternal side, but unfortunately her birthmother had passed away, so she had only a few details about her birthfather. She had done an Ancestry test in hopes of finding more information. Lindsay knew that her birthfather was likely from another country and that his name may be similar to her birthname.

I took a look at Lindsay’s AncestryDNA matches, and found that her paternal matches were from England, Australia, and India. They sorted into three groups, so I started making a research tree and trying to connect the families. They were all from British India, so it was a little hard to find records, but thankfully many of the matches had trees. I found the couple that connected two of the groups, and suspected that their daughter Judy had married someone from the third group. The third group, the Seabury family, did not have as many matches, so it was a little hard to find the common last name.

Judy Seabury had two sons, one that was alive, and one, Daniel, that had passed, and both were in the right age range to be Lindsay’s birthfather. Daniel’s son Dan Jr had a decent tree on Ancestry, and I messaged him for more information about the family. He shared that Judy had only had two sons, and that his uncle, Kenneth, had indeed been a world traveler around the time that Lindsay had been born. Lindsay’s birth name was also a feminine spelling of Kenneth’s name. Dan Jr and his uncle had also tested on 23andMe, so I showed him and Lindsay how to upload to Gedmatch, and sure enough, they were a first cousin match.

Dan Jr helped Lindsay get in touch with Kenneth’s daughter, and she hopes to connect with Kenneth soon.

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