Tori’s search

*All names have been changed

Search goal: Locate Tori’s biological father

Tori reached out for help earlier this year finding her biological father. She knew who he was and had limited details, but he had a very common last name which made searching for him hard. I encouraged her to do an AncestryDNA test to see if that would help find the right family, and perhaps some close members of her family will have tested, too.

A month or two later, Tori’s test came back, and though there were no super close matches, there were enough matches to build a tree out and confirm that the man she had details on was indeed her biological father. I built out her tree and was able to find some cousins of Tori’s father, but they were not in touch with him and were unfortunately unable to help. We also found obituaries of Tori’s grandfather and uncle, but the obituaries did not have many details.

After some time, I found a profile on Facebook that was likely Tori’s first cousin. Her mother’s name matched to the obituaries we found, and the cousin had the same name as Tori’s grandmother. So I encouraged Tori to reach out to them, and she did! It was indeed the right family, and Tori’s aunt gave Tori’s dad her phone number, and shortly after, they were in contact.

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